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10pcs Sony Ultrasound Thermal Paper Upp-110HG (1 Box - 10pcs)

10pcs Sony Ultrasound Thermal Paper Upp-110HG (1 Box - 10pcs)

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Model : Upp-110hg

This A6 width B&W High Glossy print media (type V) is perfect for UP-X898MD / D898MD / 897MD / D897MD / D897 / 895 / D895 / 890 / D890 / 860 / D860 printers. Get this pack of 10 to print your documents quickly!

• High-gloss thermal paper for medical recording equipment like ultrasounds and 3d printers

• Compatible with Sony and Mitsubishi BW video graphic printers

• Water-resistant and designed not to curl when tearing in the cross direction.

Sony UPP-110HG High-Density Glossy Thermal Ultrasound Paper, B&W

  • Genuine Sony brand paper
  • 110mm wide X 18m long
  • Approximately 240 prints per roll
  • Prints are about 25% glossier than the UPP-110HD
  • For use with the following Sony printers: 895MD, D895, 897MD, D897
  • Compatible item numbers: UPP-110HG, SM110HG

Advanced Features:

  • High Water resistance
  • High-gloss, high-quality prints
  • Top coat layer of Sony's print media is designed to optimally match the printer heads of Sony's printers
  • Accurate grey-scale reproduction
  • Minimal curling
  • High humidity and heat resistance
  • Superior print quality
  • Excellent tearing properties
  • Rigorous manufacturing quality control systems

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