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O2toDerm - Oxygen-Energized Revitalizing Ampoules 10ml

O2toDerm - Oxygen-Energized Revitalizing Ampoules 10ml

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This moisturizing ampoule is highly-hydrating and nutritious, deeply nourishing and moisturizing tired skin. Even after treatment, its effects are still visible as it continues to keep skin moisturized with a shiny, healthy finish. This moisturizing ampoule includes aloe vera leaf extract, which protects skin and alleviates inflammation and irritation as well as speeds up any healing processes. Other nutrients like arnica flower extract help the skin regain and lock in moisture and softness well beyond use. Pearl leaf extract provides nutrition and conditioning to promote skin elasticity and radiance in addition to preventing oxidative damage to the skin. Containing vitamins A, C, and K as well as beta-carotene, flavonoids, and tannings, pearl leaf extract is a great absorbing ingredient that protects sensitive skin. In addition, cinnabar extract relieves skin irritation with its calming properties, in addition to preventing dryness and dullness.


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