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Dermatoscope - ORION

Dermatoscope - ORION

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The ORION Dermatoscope offers 10x magnification for a detailed and accurate skin assessment. Its advanced optical lens and integrated light source provide optimal examination of skin for precise diagnostics. An essential tool for professional dermatologists.

The Orion Dermatoscope is a dermal diagnostic instrument used in the examination of skin lesions. It is an oil immersion/non-polarized instrument that utilizes 10X magnification and illumination to closely examine skin lesions, melanoma, and infections. Oil or petroleum jelly may be used with the graduated plate to provide additional contrast and definition. The handle of the Orion Dermatoscope features rheostats that adjust the light intensity with a simple rotation.

The Dermatoscope - ORION is a powerful instrument designed to provide precise examination of the skin. With superior magnification and illumination for clearer visibility, it's the perfect tool for those looking for accurate skin assessments.

Stainless Steel
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