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Age Stop - Suncare Swiss Complex SPF50+ UVA- UVB Protecting Sunscreen Face Cream - Swiss Made

Age Stop - Suncare Swiss Complex SPF50+ UVA- UVB Protecting Sunscreen Face Cream - Swiss Made

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Introducing Age Stop Swiss Royal SPF50+ Perfect Day Cream: the ideal day cream for your skin care routine! Make sure your skin is protected from the sun while maintaining a youthful look with this creamy face care powerhouse. Protect and perfect your skin with Age Stop Swiss Royal Perfect Day Cream – it's an SPF50+ miracle!

SWISS ROYAL SPF 50+ PERFECT DAY CREAM is a powerful active sunscreen - protecting against UVA and UVB rays. Exclusive Swiss anti-pollution Complex: SunActin®, Vitamin C and Royal Epigen P5 Peptide help to neutralize free radical pollution. Omega rich Oleic Acid, powerful skin defence molecule and hydrator ECTOIN®, repairing Bifida Ferment Lysate, and a precious selection of protective Argan, Jojoba and Macadamia oils - nurture and protect skin during sun exposure. The formula is a collagen stimulating infusion - promoting strong skin elasticity and firmness - blending smoothly into the skin to create a perfectly hydrated base for makeup.

Every Day:
- apply as a last step in your skincare routine before makeup and before sun exposure


Natural and Organic / UVA + UVB Photo-stable Sun Filters:

Uvinul® A Plus - photostable organic UVA-absorber

- PARSOL® Shield - is a photo-stable UVB + UVA broad-spectrum filter

- Titanium Dioxide ( NANO ) - highly effective UV light-absorbing agent

Swiss SunActin Complex:

  • Boosts protective effect of sunscreens
  • Enhances the skin’s defense capacity
  • Prevents formation of sunburn cells
  • Reduces ageing, even at cellular level
  • Protects skin from UV induced oxidative stress

Swiss Royal Epigen P5 Peptide: a comprehensive skin-revitalising peptide - based on Award Winning - Swiss Epigenetic science - for fast and visible rejuvenation result

ECTOIN® Complex: neutralises free radical pollution, clinically proven to deeply hydrate and visibly rejuvenate skin`s appearance by decreasing wrinkle depth, increasing radiance, and reducing formation on new lines and wrinkles.


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