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Age Stop - Stem Cell Absolute Hydro Lifting Concentrate 50ml - Swiss Made

Age Stop - Stem Cell Absolute Hydro Lifting Concentrate 50ml - Swiss Made

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Turn back the clock with Age Stop Stem Cell Concentrate! Our stem cell-infused skin care product is just what you need to fight the signs of aging, giving you a youthful look that will make you feel like you're younger!

STEM CELL ABSOLUTE CONCENTRATE is an intensive energising treatment which immediately lifts, firms and hydrates, dull-looking skin in need of moisture and a smoother, more lifted appearance.

®and LIFTONIN EXPRESS®- clinically proven ingredients work in synergy to deliver unparalleled lifting and wrinkle filling results on application. You will experience significant improvement in skin`s quality and texture as well as restored youthful radiance

STEM CELL ABSOLUTE Concentrate will work to instantly smooth the look of lines and wrinkles, increasing the skin's ability to retain moisture over time, resulting in a fresh and fabulous new look.

SWISS STEM CELLS of rare Alpine plants ( Nunatak, Edelweiss and Alpine Rose ) will provide fast regenerating benefits - making your skin: smooth, refined and radiant. Results are cumulative with continued use.

For a fast lifting and smoothing effect:
- apply before face cream for long - lasting: lifting, wrinkle filling, smoothing and energising skin results


Swiss Bio Stem Cell Complex: a blend of powerful Swiss Bio Plant Stem Cells carefully blended to help improve production of extracellular matrix components such as collagen and elastin, promoting skin renewal and increased elasticity


is a purified and completely sequenced Marine Exopolysaccharide. Its high molecular weight gives it a particular affinity for the skin and interesting surface properties for filling
in wrinkles
Clinical tests are proven that EPS SEAFILL
® has a :

- Tightening effect on the collagen fibre network
- Immediate smoothing effect (15 min)
- Immediate anti-wrinkle effect (15 min)


is an innovative, instant tightening and lifting active ingredient that is based upon a revolutionary technology that contains a lyophilisate made from the micro algae Porphyridium cruentum with macromolecular phycocolloids embedded in a film matrix made from natural polymers. The physical tightening effect is intense, immediately noticeable and lasts for several hours. Various types of wrinkles are visibly and measurably minimized. Provides an immediately noticeable and sustainable tightening effect by up to 74% within one hour.

SWISS SNOW ALGAE®: clinically proven to visibly rejuvenate the skin appearance by decreasing wrinkle depth, increasing radiance, and reducing the tired appearance for a refreshed look


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