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Age Stop - Marine Retinol Active Repair SOS Ultra Balm 50ml - Swiss Made

Age Stop - Marine Retinol Active Repair SOS Ultra Balm 50ml - Swiss Made

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Age Stop Marine Retinol SOS Ultra Balm is here to save the day! This ultra-hydrating balm helps rapidly reduce the signs of aging with Marine Retinol technology. Soften wrinkles while you revive skin's elasticity and firmness with this miracle in a jar! Put it on your face and watch the years roll back!

MARINE RETINOL SOS BALM is a targeted Swiss SOS Balm developed to help reduce skin redness, treat Rosacea/ACNE, thicken dermal matrix, minimise the look of pores, bruised skin, post-ACNE scars and broken capillaries.

Marine Retinol SOS Balm is a stabilised clinical formulation that helps to prevent destruction of collagen fibre network, helping to make skin firm, smooth and calm - overnight with a significantly clearer and even texture.

For improved skin texture and even tone:
- apply on its own day and night
To reduce visible redness before makeup:
- apply as a last step in your skincare routine before makeup


Swiss multi-active complex of Lanablue™ - Marine Retinol, OKINACEA® - sea grape/green caviar, Matrixyl 3000® Peptide, multi-award winning Swiss Moss PhytoCellTec™ and Swiss Snow Algae help to lighten post acne and post procedure scars, prevent formation of bacteria causing skin imperfections and target formation of deepest wrinkles, significantly slowing the appearance of deep skin creases

Lanablue ™ - Marine Retinol - is a blue-green algae extract found in a very special source of water with highly unique nutritional properties. Its outstanding composition - vitamins, amino acids and trace elements - makes Lanablue ™ as a natural retinoid alternative without the unwanted side effects. Lanablue ™ acts on keratinocyte differentiation providing a smoothing effect, an epidermis densification and skin regeneration. Lanablue ™ has been clinically proven to have a powerful wrinkle reduction effect after only 21 days


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