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Age Stop - Marine Collagen Calming/ Hydro/ Rescue Sleeping Mask - Swiss Made

Age Stop - Marine Collagen Calming/ Hydro/ Rescue Sleeping Mask - Swiss Made

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Reduce signs of aging and give your skin some well-deserved peace with Age Stop's Marine Collagen Calming/Hydro/Rescue Sleeping Mask! Infused with Marine Collagen, this luxurious sleeping mask helps provide intense hydration, massaging and calming skin for a well-rested look. Sleep on, beautiful!

Marine Collagen Sleeping Mask is luxurious anti-ageing moisturiser which helps to nourish and restore skin`s moisture, while minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bio Marine Collagen Hydro Rescue Sleeping Mask goes to work on your skin overnight, during its optimal recovery time. This unique buttery cushion gel cream provides intense nourishment to the skin so you wake up with a fresh, glowing, and renewed complexion.

An intense concentration of Bio Marine Collagen, ALGAENIA® ( micro algae peptides ), Phyto - Marine extracts, Swiss Snow Algae, Edelweiss Stem Cells, hyaluronic Acid and ceramides help to visibly smooth and hydrate your skin, providing a more cushioned and radiant skin by morning.

SKIN TYPE: sensitive, combination, oily, normal

EXTURE: lightweight silky & cushiony gel-cream
SKIN CONDITION: dullness, sensitivity, dryness
BEST FOR: increasing skin`s hydration with improvements in luminosity, plumpness, texture and overall skin complexion health
APPLICATION: apply nightly after face cream

- suitable for entire eye area
- suitable as refreshing day cream
- doubles skin hydration in 24 hours


ALGAENIA® micro algae peptides - bio-inspired active ingredient from a patented bio-enzymatic process used to obtain peptides of chlamydomonas acidophila micro-algae.


- to visibly: hydrate, calm, sooth and restructure
- protect against sensitisation and allergic reactions
- modulate inflammation against stresses and limit its visible effects

Marine Collagen: helps to repair skin collagen and elastin protein fibers, produces a significant thickening of the outer skin surface (epidermis) leading to overall decrease in wrinkles and improved in skin hydration and firmness

Ceramides: help create a barrier to prevent permeability by locking moisture into your skin, which helps prevent dryness and irritation and protect your epidermis from environmental damage. The result is - younger looking skin


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