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Age Stop - Anti-aging Retinol Complex Regenerating Concentrate 50ml - Swiss Made

Age Stop - Anti-aging Retinol Complex Regenerating Concentrate 50ml - Swiss Made

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Look younger with Age Stop! Our potent retinol complex concentrate will help keep age at bay by reducing wrinkles and smoothing out your complexion. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster skin - and hello to a younger, healthier-looking you!

Retinol Complex Concentrate is a potent and uniquely formulated retinol solution that hydrates, balances, refines, brightens and regenerates - delivering remarkable anti-aging benefits with a Swiss controlled-release delivery system of pure high strength - 9% Encapsulated Retinol to allow for an even and consistent absorption.

Fluid lotion texture visibly improves loss of firmness and improves the appearance of wrinkles – creating a smooth complexion. Retinol Complex Concentrate includes Adenosine which promotes synthesis of Collagen, Micro-algae Vita SP and Hyaluronic Acid - provide deep hydration to the skin. Red Ginseng Active-R gives skin anti-oxidant protection whilst boosting energy and providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Retinol Complex Concentrate is powered by BisaboLife® which delivers significant soothing benefits and strong decrease in skin redness. PHYTIC ACID provides an ultra-gentle exfoliation and skin tone lightening benefits.

How to use:

- Use Only at Night under your moisturiser.
- Use Sun protection during the day.
- Safe around eye area.


When delivered at levels high enough to have a visible effect on
skin ageing, Retinol can cause irritation in the form of
stinging, redness and peeling. We decided to find a solution.

Since these side effects of retinol are often associated
with too much of the active being delivered too quickly, we
designed a unique Time Release Delivery System.

The active is encapsulated in cylcoextrins (made of
oligosaccharides obtained from enzymatic digestion of starch).
As the formula is massaged onto the skin, the encapsulation
breaks down and the vitamin A is slowly released.

This significantly minimizes the risk of irritation and ensures
that skin benefits are received slowly over a prolonged period of time.

 Increase of the bio-availability of an incorporated active
 Improved activity based on time-release
effect (measured by skin penetration in-vitro)
 Increased stability of actives against oxidation
 Active ingredients in the complex are protected from
chemical and physical attacks in the complex environment
 Formation of hydro-soluble complexes
• Reduced toxicity of substances
 Improved stability of the cosmetic formulation
 Protection of sensitive actives (stability)


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