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5 Top Consumables You Should Buy For Your Dermatology Clinic

In order to ensure optimal operation of a dermatology clinic, it is advisable to make investments in certain consumables. The top five consumables that every dermatological clinic needs to stock are listed in this blog. These include Hydra Facial Tips, Cell Mulla Concentrated Solution, Cell Line Pro Carbon Cream, Cryogen Gas, and Candela Distance Gauges. 


Candela Distance Gauge

Candela distance gauge is a consumable that is used for laser treatment purposes. To use this product, it should be connected to the laser machine’s handpiece tip and positioned on the area to be treated. The distance between the handpiece and the skin should be adjusted based on the type of treatment. As this is available in various sizes, it is easy to target a particular area. While using this, the technician or doctor should make sure that they are using a clean and new distance gauge. After 6000–8000 pulses, the current distance gauge should be replaced with another clean one. The gauges can be cleaned in a 10% bleach solution, so always try to use a clean or new distance gauge for treatment. 


Cryogen gas

Cryogen gas is a cooling gas that is attached to the machine. During usage, doctors should ensure that they purge canisters before use to remove any air. Always use proper cryogen settings according to the skin type to avoid cryo-burn. Test-spray the cryogen gas before beginning the process, and adjust the intensity as required. Cryogen gas is mainly used to comfort patients during treatment. This cooling gas will cool the treated area, thus helping to reduce skin problems like redness, swelling, and blisters. To enhance smooth penetration of rays, this gas is effective. 


Cell Line Pro Carbon Cream

Treatments using laser toning are aided with Cell Line Pro Carbon Cream. This is ideal for use in laser treatments for hyperpigmentation, freckles, blemishes, uneven skin tone, and other issues. This carbon cream tightens pores and smoothes the skin. In order to use this cream, wash the affected area first, then apply the cream and allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes. The laser treatment can then begin on it. Use a moisturizing product to lower the temperature after cleansing the region. The physician should use caution when applying it, making sure to apply a thin coating of cream. Graphite, which has a quicker absorption rate than carbons, is used in this, therefore a laser dry process is not necessary.

Hydra facial tips

Another consumable that every dermatology clinic should purchase is hydra facial tips. To use hydra facial tips, first insert the tip into the oxytouch Hydra facial machine. Then, begin the dermabrasion treatment, avoiding the U zone on the face and other sensitive areas. Move the handpiece in a spiral curve in three spots and draw a line to connect them. Hydra facial tips can be used on any part of the face, including the lips, eyes, cheeks and so on. They help to deeply cleanse the skin and improve the pores. Because it is composed of superior, high-grade medical-grade material, it is both safe and kind to skin. The technician should assure that tips are disposed of properly after each use. It is not suggested to reuse these tips. However, only diamond tips are reusable after being sterilized. 

Cellmula Concentrated solution

To use cellmula concentrated solution, pour 50 ml of concentrated solution into an empty 500-ml solution bottle, then open the machine’s front cover and connect the solution bottle. Connect three different bottles to their designated locations (S1, S2, S3) accordingly with their respective solutions, and then you are good to start treatment. Keep in mind to clean the bottle after refilling with the new solution and use only distilled water. Make sure the solution is not used for more than 3 weeks once it is filled with distilled water. In this cell-mulla concentrated solution, S1 is mild and non-irritating. It cleans exfoliants and induces the shedding of keratinocytes. S2 is also gentle and non-irritating. It exfoliates acne and effectively moisturizes the skin. S3 improves skin immunity and inhibits melanin, vitamin C, and other nutrients in the skin. It helps in regeneration and restores damaged cells. 


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